A Beautiful Mind

When I cast my mind back to the time of the ‘The Ant Kisser’, when Anna randomly started kissing the ground and I realised that what she was actually doing was kissing all the ants she could see in the... Continue Reading →

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The Mother Load

Sometimes, I feel a bit like Anneka Rice, in Treasure Hunt; running around looking for clues and up against the clock, but without the helicopter, the back-up team in the studio or the budget. Or the jump suit, however that... Continue Reading →

The Grateful Jar

If there is one thing the last 2 years have taught me, it is to be grateful. In the busy world that we inhabit, it’s all too easy to miss life’s simple pleasures; the seemingly small things that enrich our... Continue Reading →

She is my greatest adventure

I’m so close to Anna, we’ve had so many adventures together and overcome so many challenges.  We have this connection that sometimes, I find it hard to separate where she ends and I begin. I know the words she uses... Continue Reading →

Hope is the thing with feathers . . .

I have two favourite days every year (apart from Christmas, Easter, birthdays, holidays and days out of course). It’s the days when you can feel the seasons changing, and these days mostly occur at the beginning of September and towards... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow Chaser

There’s so much I want to tell you about Elsa; she really is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter, always patient, never ever cross with Anna, always looking for fun, she’s an amazing little artist, she has a... Continue Reading →

A Dreamless Sleep

Last night for the first time in almost a year, I had a dreamless sleep. Not one where I wake up several times a night fretting about the future, the decisions to be made and what else there is I... Continue Reading →

The Sea Shell & the Sea Glass

Two years ago, I sat at this very computer, waiting for the results of the school admissions to be released. It was an anxious wait, and one that was worth waiting for as we thankfully got the school that we... Continue Reading →

Love IS the answer

Today marks the one year milestone since we started on this unexpected journey. It’s certainly been a bumpy ride, but in so many ways life has become easier.  The initial fog that shrouded me has lifted and I continue to... Continue Reading →

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